Seoclerk Review: How to Make Money with SeoClerks

SEO Clerks , is a website that offers services in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Examples of such services are the increment of website traffic, website search engine relevance, and the like, often for a small price. Overall this helps web site homeowners with exaggerated reach and so revenue, creating web sites like these vastly valuable for website homeowners WHO ar simply beginning out.

SEO Clerks promise a safe platform on which clients’ funds are kept with a third party holder until they decide that they are satisfied with the transaction, allowing for an easy refund if things don’t go as planned.


Seoclerk was founded back in 2011, by a man named Jordan Delozier. It was created at a time when the internet was expanding faster than ever and there was an unprecedented website boom. During that point, new websites required to broaden their reach to take care of their connexion, then Seoclerk was born to meet that necessity. Ever since, Seoclerk has tendered various Search Engine Optimization services to clients.

At one point in its operation it was transferred to the Ionicware Inc. group of companies.Since then it’s worked together with such firms as Listing Dock, Webaster question, Code Clerks, and Freelance Forums. Like SEO Clerks, its sister companies are also microjob marketplaces or freelance message platforms. As of the time of this writing,has over five hundred,000 total members, and has tendered over four hundred,000 individual services.


If you’ve encountered the web site Fiverr before, chances are high that you find SEO Clerk’s services quite familiar. It uses an identical model: Freelancers known as Vendors propose a service they will tender, set a worth, and look ahead to takers. The nature of the micro job proposed, as well as the price of the service, is entirely up to the Vendor’s discretion.

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Buyers seek for services on the location, notice the service they need, and pay the seller for the microjob. If consumers can’t realize their desired service, they will perpetually request it on the location, and any Vendors United Nations agency will give that service will contact them. He good thing concerning the microjobs (or “gigs” as they’re sometimes called) is that you just will sell or get something and everything website-related, and costs all begin at $1 each.

The marketplace’s people ranges from unimportant diary house owners to international gambling websites. This wide selection of shoppers permits the tender of a large array of services: starting from basic content generation, like article writing and transcription work; all the manner down to complex web design and graphic design.

All of those services condensed into one convenient marketplace is extremely engaging to web site homeowners UN agency wish to source their tasks owing to time and monetary considerations.


SEO Clerk implements grade system to filter the higher Sellers and consumers. The higher your level, the higher the possibility of the tasks being completed in an exceedingly atisfactory manner for consumers, and job postings created by real, verified consumers reaching Sellers.

At level 1, members area unit granted access to the foremost basic services offered on the positioning

Members move up to level a pair of once they’ve completed ten purchases/orders/affiliate sales, and their satisfaction rating should not go less than ninetieth.

For level 3, the number of completed jobs must reach 25, and the satisfaction rating must stay on or above 90% as well.

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For level 4, the member is required to be an affiliate member, and should have completed 100 orders with 95% satisfaction. Additionally, the member must have achieved 50 affiliate sales.

For level 5, the member is still required to be an affiliate member, and the total completed orders must number 250, with a 97% satisfaction. Additionally the member must have achieved 100 affiliate sales.

The final level, level X, is selected by the website staff. The member must be at least level 3 and must already be an affiliate.


As SEO Clerk could be a SEO service marketplace, it’s fairly straightforward for anyone like an expert within the several aspects of SEO to create cash on the location. The main methodology with that anyone will earn cash on SEO Clerk is to post up a service as a merchandiser. These services will cowl such aspects as articles, tweets, web site package, web site themes, diary reviews, and even tutorial DIY ebooks for web site homeowners.

Once you’ve decided upon what kind of service you’ll render, you then need to give your service a name or title, determine its price, and add details to flesh out the meaning of the service you intend to give, so the buyers have a clear idea of what they’re getting. Afterwards, you must choose a category for your service (Content generation, graphic design, web design, etc.), add tags so that they pop up in search queries, offer guarantees and promos, etc.

Aside from posting a service as a seller, there are also WTB or “Want to Buy” posts: custom tasks posted by buyers who haven’t found what they were looking for in the search queries. Sellers can then bid on the posts and wait for the buyer’s decision on who gets the job.

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An alternate approach of constructing cash on SEO Clerk is to become associate affiliate of the location. It’s utterly absolve to be part of, and comes with several helpful perks. The way it works is that affiliates would make referrals to the site, and for every service those referred users purchase, the affiliate member earns a little bit of the total money spent.

The commissions trickle in at 10% of every purchase, and that rule is in effect for life, so it doesn’t matter whether they decide to purchase something a year after their referral, and if the next purchase should follow a year after that. The affiliate member gets paid for every purchase made, forever.

This rule is especially advantageous if you happen to know someone who would benefit greatly from SEO Clerk’s many services and would thus spend a lot on the site. If you’re a seller and someone you referred using your own affiliate link buys a service from you, you’ll earn 100% of the payment given by the buyer, fee exempt.

SEO Clerk’s fees imposed on sellers total quite a bit, ranging from 5 to 10 percent, to cover the site’s usage charge and the payment processing charge. As an affiliate, purchases made by users you referred will be exempt from these fees. However, this only applies to orders costing upwards of $5.


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