How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on Your iPhone X

How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on Your iPhone X

Lose your iPhone X? Afraid of someone forcing you to unlock it with your mug? Here’s how to turn off Face ID facial recognition so it’s not used against your wishes.

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How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on Your iPhone X

Face ID is a cool and effective way to authenticate yourself on an iPhone X. Just one glance at the screen, and your phone unlocks.

But what if you’re ever in a situation where someone else is endeavoring to access your phone using Face ID? Maybe they’re trying to force you to unlock your own phone, or perhaps your phone has been lost or stolen and you want to make sure no one can even attempt to spoof Face ID remotely. Can you temporarily turn off Face ID? Yes, and you have a few options.

Before we cover the steps, remember that disabling Face ID puts your passcode in charge of protecting your phone from unwanted access. So if you’re going to temporarily turn off Face ID for any reason, you want to make sure your passcode is as strong as possible. In that case, a four-digit code might not be up to snuff. Instead, consider a longer numeric or even alphanumeric code, which you can create by tapping on the Passcode Options link when you try to change your passcode.

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