How to Stream PC Games to Your Phone or Tablet (Even iOS)

How to Stream PC Games to Your Phone or Tablet (Even iOS)

That’s all it usually takes to get up and running, but if you want the best possible experience, you’ll probably want to tweak a few settings.

From Moonlight’s main screen, tap the arrow on the left (for iOS) or the settings cog along the top (for Android). Moonlight has many more settings on Android than iOS, but most users should at least tweak their resolution and framerate targets: 1080p at 60Hz is ideal for the best graphics and smooth playback, but if the stream is choppy, lowering it to 720p or 30Hz may help. You may also get better results by limiting network congestion—so tell your roommate to stop watching Netflix while you’re trying to stream games.

Lastly, I recommend tweaking the on-screen controls you see. Not all gamepads will have L3 and R3 buttons, so setting on screen controls to “Auto” (on iOS) or “Only show L3 and R3” (on Android) will give you touch buttons for just those functions.

It’s worth noting that streaming technology is still pretty new, and it won’t be perfect. You may get an audio pop here and there, and your graphics will be a tad fuzzier than if you were playing on the PC itself. But it’s hard to beat playing Shadow of War from the couch, without having to fight your spouse for the TV.

If you experience any other issues while streaming, there might be a solution—like disabling your firewall or tweaking some of Android’s other settings. Check out Moonlight’s setup guide and troubleshooting page for more. The setup page even has instructions for streaming over the internet, though your mileage may vary depending on your internet speed. Network streaming will definitely produce the best results.

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