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Barisal Board SSC results 2018

SSC result 2018 will be start on 1st February of this year. Education Minister announced that secondary school certificate result will be published within 60 days (2Months) and it is the rule of Education Board. After calculation, the SSC result 2018 may be published on 15th May 2018.

This year over 1.65 million Students from 28119 institutions are participated on this examination. There are 661767 Girls and 6742507 boys take part on it. Total 9 boards named Dhaka Board, Barisal Board, Rajshahi Board, Sylhet Board, Jessore Board, Dinajpur Board, Sylhet Board, Madrasah Board and Technical Board’s students participated to end the study of secondary school level.

On the exam, students answered two type of question. They are creative written and Objective. This year first time on Bangladesh Students first answered Objective (MCQ) questions than takes part on Creative written section. It was the new rule that started from SSC Exam 2018. The Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid takes this step to prevent question paper leak.

When SSC Exam Result 2018 will be published?

Education Board’s roll is to publish result after 60 days of the exam so it may be held on 15th May but it can be changeable. SSC Exam 2015 was started on 6th February and ended 3rd April. In this time, violent BNP-sponsored blockade happened. But the result published on May 30. So it takes less time. So on this year, Education Board will ensure it between 60 days.

Normally Education Minister presents the result to Prime Minister 10 AM on the Published date. After that, Results are sent to schools. After 2 PM students can know results by SMS or Online.

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How Can I Know The Accurate Result Day?

Basically, you have to keep in touch with communication to know SSC result 2018. You must need to read newspapers, Watch TV and also need to use The Internet to stay update about it. But for lack of the opportunity, you can communicate with your school teachers and principal. They will also help you to know more about it. You can talk about it with your guardians also. You can also stay updated by communicating with your school friends. So there are lots of ways to know the accurate day and knowing the latest news about the result.

How To Get Result?

Students can know their results in multiple ways. Students must need to know about some basic information about exam roll, board, session etc and they can collect all that information from the admit card.

Methods to know SSC Results In Bangladesh:

From Education Board Results Official Website: On the result day education board published the result on their website. So anyone can know it from their easily. Let’s know the steps for the SSC result 2018:

Step 1: At first you need to visit Education Board Results website by clicking here.

Step 2: Now on the page you have to fill up the form completely by valid information. Now let’s know details of the form:

Examination: On this part you have to select which type of exam results you want. Normally, can select SSC but for the Madrasah Board you have to select Dakhil and for the Technical Board you need to select Vocational.

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Year:  You must need to enter your passing year. This year, it will be 2018. So you need to select 2018 for the SSC result 2018. You can also know it following yours admit card. But if you are an irregular student then please must follow admit card.

Roll: Now you need to input your roll. Please type it accurately following yours admit card.

Verification: It is a simple human verification system to avoid access for robots. It will be simple math just like 4+ 8 =? So you need to type 12. It’s just an example and the verification process will be very simple and you can answer it.

Step 3: After filling the form, please verify it that you haven’t made any mistake and click on ‘Submit’ button.

Step 4: A new page will be loaded and here you can know about your results.

[Note: On the SSC result 2018 published day the server of this website will be busy because of huge traffic so you may need to try several time to get the result. Mostly After 2 PM results are published on the website.]

  • From Your School: A result sheet also sent to the school by Education Board. So you can check the notice board of your school or if you need more help about it, then can contact the principal.
  • By SMS: On the publisher day you can know the result by sending an SMS. To know the process please read below.

Step 1: Please go the message section and write a new message by following the guideline below:

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Normal Education Board’s Students: Just type [SSC] space [first 3 letters of your board] space [Roll No] space [Passing Year] and send to 16222. Example: SSC DHA 546215 2018.

Madrasah Board’s Students: Just type [Dakhil] space [MAD] space [Roll No] space [Passing Year] and send to 16222. Example: Dhakil MAD 568421 2018.

Technical Board’s Students: Just type [SSC] space [TEC] space [Roll No] space [Passing Year] and send to 16222. Example: SSC TEC 568452 2018.

Step 2: Please wait for the confirmation message.

[Note: You may need to send message after 2 PM on the result published day and you can send it from any Bangladeshi SIM operator.]

First 3 letters of all boards:

  • Dhaka Board: DHA
  • Barisal Board: BAR
  • Rajshahi Board: RAJ
  • Sylhet Board: SYL
  • Jessore Board: JES
  • Dinajpur Board: DIN
  • Sylhet Board: SYL
  • Madrasah Board: MAD
  • Technical Board: TEC

They are all methods to know the result fast. Quick communication system makes easier to send any message to any corner of Bangladesh. All the methods described above are really fast and reliable. So you can follow them.

At last, we all are accepting a good SSC result 2018 for making a highly educated country and a strong backbone of the Bengali Nation.



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