What is the relationship between transformational, respectively transactional, leadership LMX and psychological safety?

Problem analysis Teams in health care face several challenges such as increasing complexity of health care provision; emphasis on efficiency and cost control; and focus on innovation, patient and person centred care delivery (IoM, 2001) (Kessel, Kratzer, & Schultz, 2012). Often high performing teams are seen as a panacea for the continuously challenging environment. Moreover, … Read more

Connections between leadership, motivation and teamwork theories,

In this essay I will discuss the connections between leadership, motivation and teamwork theories, how they connect to practice in organisations and their limitations, offering solutions where impracticalities arise. The essay aims to draw conclusions on the suitability of Fiedler’s Contingency Theory of Leadership, Tuckman’s Model of Group Development, Belbin’s Team Theory, and Herzberg’s Two … Read more

Athlete leadership and communication – annotated bibliography

Coach-Athlete Communication: Coaching Style, Leadership Characteristics, and Psychological Outcomes: The article, Coach-Athlete Communication: Coaching Style, Leadership Characteristics, and Psychological Outcomes, shows the importance of coaches to be able to form healthy relationships with their players. The reason as to why creating a healthy relationship is so that players feel a sense of closeness and improve … Read more

America’s Leaders

Leadership, the ability to inspire others to follow solely through the individuals actions and beliefs. It’s not everyday that great leaders are born especially ones that have an everlasting impact post death. In the near 1809 one of America’s greatest leaders was born. Hardin County, Kentucky, February 12th 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born and the … Read more

Interpretation of Leadership

The interpretation of leadership varies on what different individuals believe is a true leader. Although, with all the different explanations on what a leader is, it is impossible to advocate what a true leader is. Steven M. Smith states, “Leadership is the ability to adapt the setting so everyone feels empowered to contribute creatively to … Read more

Leader-Member Exchange Relationships and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: The Role of Gender

Abstract Leader-member exchange (LMX) focuses on the unique relationship between leader and follower. The aim of this paper is to research what role gender plays in these dyadic relationships. Furthermore, it is investigated whether gender moderates the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and LMX. Literature on the topic is examined and reviewed. The results … Read more

Understanding Leadership & Change

Introduction There is a well-known saying that ‘the only thing that is constant is change’ this also means that change is unavoidable. Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard business states that ‘the world is changing, and the business environment is also changing which means that the business organisation must change so they can adapt to the … Read more

Leadership annotated bibliography – review of a range of books/articles

Caramela, S. (2018, August 27). How to Be an Ethical Leader: 4 Tips for Success. Retrieved January 15, 2019, from https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5537-how-to-be-ethical-leader.html How to Be an Ethical Leader: 4 Tips for Success There is different definitions for leader and boss. There is also a difference in how the people below them feel about their titles. Leaders … Read more

James MacGregor Burns – Leadership

James MacGregor Burns is an incredibly smart man, watching and listening to his knowledge and experience of leadership enhanced my comprehension of transformational and transactional leadership immensely. Mr. Burns describes leadership by using examples of people who have previously held leadership titles. These examples include military leaders and leaders who have had leadership power over … Read more

What is the effect of different leadership styles on the organizational learning culture and organizational performance? (research proposal)

Leadership can be interpreted in several ways, as every organization will encounter with certain types of leadership. Leadership keeps an organization functioning properly and can courage the employees to keep up hard work. Leadership can be seen as a complex process as well, a process that eventually leads to better organizational learning and an improved … Read more

Florence Nightingale – leadership

Florence Nightingale, known by many as the Lady with the Lamp (Selanders, 2018), was a social reformer and the founder of modern nursing. She was raised in a wealthy and privileged background; as a result, she was expected by her mother, Frances Nightingale, to marry and become a housewife (Selanders, 2018). Florence, however, had different … Read more

Leadership articles review

Article one describes the main key aspects of leadership that consists of experience, knowledge, personal attributes and competencies (Kulkarni, 2018). Organisational skills are also needed in order to keep up with a fast-changing society, that is based on innovation, and collaboration. To strengthen a solid and sustainable leadership process, it is important to prepare for … Read more

Leadership in Homer’s The Iliad

In Homer’s’ The Iliad, King Agamemnon can provide examples of how not to be an effective leader. Agamemnon portrays negative leadership skills and poor decision making throughout the tale. Towards the beginning of the poem, it becomes apparent to the reader that Agamemnon is not a very kind man. In the first book, the father … Read more

Captain Rowley’s Leadership Model

CAPT William R. Rowley, Medical Corps, USN, assumed command of the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton in August 1991. All research for this thesis was conducted during January and February 1993. After extensive interviews with CAPT Rowley regarding his leadership philosophy it became evident that there were recurring themes that could be distilled and described as … Read more

Comparison of Shiao and Wolfe – treatment and implication of female bosses in the workplace

“Why we don’t like women bosses (and why it matters)” (Shiao, 2016) and “Do men make better bosses than women (no, and here’s why)” (Wolfe, 2017) are two well-written articles that offer differing perspectives on the treatment and implication of female bosses in the workplace. Where the former emphasizes on the negative judgments that follow … Read more

Collaborative Leadership

1. Introduction Leaders within health care organisations have traditionally viewed their role as a transactional activity (Vanvactor, 2012). The definition of health care management tends to be hierarchical and often grounded in the idea of facilitating management linearly. To facilitate change, health care organisations are beginning to evaluate defined management roles outside of traditional parameters. … Read more

Leadership (on board ships)

A Leader, or in our case a Masters Career and the fate of his vessel and Bridge team are determined by the effectiveness of his behavior. Leadership is considered crucial for success and has been considered by most researchers to be the most critical ingredient (Lussier and Achua 2009). I would describe a leader as … Read more