MIMO system

LITERATURE REVIEW   Nowadays, the high-speed cellular network has grown rapidly. This high-speed cellular network develops as the number of users increases. The increasing number of users will cause high demand and large data-rate requirement may be needed. The multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) has been developed in promising better spatial diversity and system capacity. Basically, this … Read more

Web program assaults

Web program assaults are a portion of the main vectors used to pick up passage into systems. Numerous striking program assaults use malware – noxious programming that can contaminate frameworks with code to take verification information or make frameworks wind up plainly inaccessible to honest to goodness clients – and accordingly trade off host frameworks … Read more


Summary Introduction Background Secure connections in the time that we live is vital due to the vast number of people who transfer data that is private online, for example, shopping and entering card details. The way that these connections are established is just as important, as a flaw in establishing the connection can lead to … Read more

Wireless Sensor Network – Deployment

Abstract: Wireless sensor network is growing area for research, commercial development and armed forces of country. Performance of Wireless Sensor Network depends on coverage and connectivity of network whereas coverage of network depends on deployment of sensors. Deployment can be done either Random deployment or Deterministic deployment. Deterministic deployment of homogenous sensor nodes is impractical … Read more


  Internet / electronic voting helps democratic countries to turn the voter turnout in higher numbers. Internet / electronic voting is still under development and ample research and analysis have been done on this subject to prove that implementing internet / electronic voting is not difficult and not in-secure if implemented in a meticulous way. … Read more

Components of a computer

Internal Components It is important for any computer system to consider the internal components, they need to be compatible in order to make a fully functional computer system. When you do not consider how the components interact with each other (either connecting together physically or communicate/share information). Processors The processor works like the brain of … Read more

Big data

In the modern age of information technology, the sheer volume of data that is harvested has exploded exponentially with the advent of the internet and sensory technology making note of changes in their environment. Businesses collate this information and use it to their advantage to better their business, customer experiences, predict trends and identify previous … Read more

New technology

INTRODUCTION With the discussions of even though technology can be further advanced, is is fully necessary, there are many questions posed from that statement. New technology can be highly beneficial, from helping people’s health to increasing the safety and efficiency of transportation. Even with the social stigmas that new technology was given, it is the … Read more

Mobile-responsive web design

Mobile-responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the customers’ behavior and environment based on screen-size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries (Smashing Magazine, 2011). This means that websites should now … Read more

Problems encountered by large technology companies

This essay explains the issues that Samsung encountered following the release of their newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, on 19th August 2016. The problems they encountered after their recall and second release regarding the batteries of their smartphone will be discussed and evaluated more 1. INTRODUCTION Samsung first released their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone … Read more

Security Mechanisms of Virtual Private Network

III. Security Mechanisms of Virtual Private Network To prevent leaking or stealing of private information VPNs typically allow only authenticated remote access using tunnelling protocols and various encryption techniques. VPNs cannot make the user completely anonymous in the internet, but they can usually increase anonymity and confidentiality of the information. To prevent disclosure of private … Read more

Snobby Bank’s Public Access Banking PCs – devices and networks

Module Name: Devices and Networks Scenario: Snobby Bank’s Public Access Banking PCs Devices and Networks Introduction: Snobby Bank is a very well-known company with an aim of attracting more young customers by offering in a house access to computers and equipment for their banking activities. This report will be outlining the user requirements needed to … Read more

Variable voltage regulators

5.5 723 Variable voltage regulators The 3 terminal regulators have the following limitations : (i)No short circuit protection. (ii)Output voltage (positive or negative) is fixed. These limitations have been overcome in 723 general purpose regulator, which can be adjusted over a wide range of both positive (or) negative regulated voltage. This IC is inherently low … Read more

Waveform generators

3.6 Waveform generators 3.6.1 Triangular wave generator A triangular wave generator can be formed by simply connecting an integrator to a square wave generator. The resultant circuit is shown in Figure. This circuit requires dual op-amp, two capacitors, and at least five resistors. Triangular wave generator The frequencies of the square wave and triangular wave … Read more

AC characteristics

2.4 AC characteristics For small signal sinusoidal (ac) applications, one has to know the ac characteristics such as frequency response and slew rate. Frequency Response of an OP-Amp Ideally an open loop op-amp has infinite Bandwidth. It means that, if its A0L = 90dB with dc signal its gain should remain the same 90dB through … Read more

Error coefficients

There are two types of error coefficients such as: 1. Static error coefficient 2. Dynamic error coefficient Static error coefficient Ability of the system to reduce or eliminate the steady state error is static error coefficient. It is of 3 different types. 1. Position error coefficient:- Here the reference input signal is a constant (step … Read more

Arithmetic and logic functions

UNIT II ARITHMETIC OPERATIONS ALU – Addition and subtraction – Multiplication – Division – Floating Point operations – Subword parallelism. 2.1 ALU Let us discuss about the Arithmetic and logic functions: The arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The logic operations are AND, OR, NOT, EXOR. The different arithmetic and logic functions are … Read more


COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Concept of CAD as drafting and designing facility, desirable features of CAD package, drawing features in CAD – Scaling, rotation, translation, editing, dimensioning, labeling, Zoom, pan, redraw and regenerate, typical CAD command structure, wire frame modeling, surface modeling and solid modeling (concepts only) in relation to popular CAD packages. 1.1 Concept Of … Read more