Analysis of vulnerabilities applicable to websites and Microsoft Windows operating systems

Abstract— In order to be able to make an analysis related to vulnerabilities applicable to websites and Microsoft Windows operating systems it was needed to install Kali Linux on a virtual machine to be able to use Metasploit Framework and Burp Suite to start penetesting websites using vulnerabilities that are the most common.Vulnerabilities that are … Read more

Randomized Optimization: Analyzing Popular Techniques

Introduction Randomized Optimization involves a collection of optimization techniques allowing the computation of global minima in otherwise non-straightforward functions. Making these algorithms unique are tweaks which invoke randomness to expand the search space, preventing their halting when finding local minima. In this paper, we will discuss four common randomized optimization algorithms: randomized hill climbing, simulated … Read more

Industrial Control Systems

1: General Context Industrial control systems which are also known as ICS are generally used for controlling the various Industrial processes. These systems include many complex connections and the architecture for running the production in the Industry. These generally include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) along with distributed control systems … Read more

MSM Messenger

Initially known as MSN Messenger since its inception in 1999 and Windows Live Messenger from 2005, which was the king of instant messaging services closed its meeting on 31 October 2014. Year and a half later and the wisdom they have Mondays when you see the results of the pools, one wonders why. MSN Messenger … Read more


ABSTRACT MANETs are deployed in adversarial environment it is important to provide a security based on onion routing mechanism a security is provide by authenticating the route request packet to satisfy unidentifiability and unlinkability, maximizing the throughput. In order to reduce the delay and to evaluate energy consumption the AASR protocol is combined with trust … Read more

Fragile watermarking schemes for image authentication proposed in recent times.

Abstract: This paper presents a survey of fragile watermarking schemes for image authentication proposed in recent times. The limited embedding capacity and extent of tampering are some of the important issues among other issues that drive the research in this area. Therefore we have presented in this survey the gist of the components of the … Read more

Find edges of grayscale images effectively with less computational complexity / reduce the thickness of the image edges

ABSTRACT: The main objective of my project is to find the edges of the grayscale image effectively with less computational complexity and also to reduce the thickness of the image edges. Edge of the image is one of the most fundamental and significant features. The classical studying of computer vision and image processing field is … Read more

Design considerations for enterprise software (using Netbeans)

Reasons for choice of language: Organizational Policy: “BAC IT” is an IT software development firm and its organizational policy confirms total intolerance to software piracy. Which is why the use of java language as it is free for use. It legalizes the software development process and also dramatically reduces the cost of ownership of the … Read more

Design new Framework for MIMO to minimize packet error probability, energy consumption and packet delays

I. Summary of Proposed project Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) strategies accomplish the similar Bit Error Rate i.e., higher throughput (point-point communication) by permitting nodes to sending and receiving information combined with lower power (individually, for the same power) . Multi input multi output (MIMO) frameworks are studied very thoroughly in recent years because of … Read more

Onion routing

3. OVERVIEW AND EXPLANATION 3.1 ONION ROUTING It is a mechanism to provide private communications over a public network in which the sender and the receiver nodes communicate with each other anonymously by means of some intermediate nodes called onion routers. It relies on public key cryptography. The source node sets up the core of … Read more

Interface Design and Development

MVC MVC is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view and the controller. Model component correspond to all the data-related logic that the user works with. It also represents the data that is being transferred between the View and Controller components. View component is used for … Read more

Securing MANETs by a system of intrusion detection organizations

Abstract: Communication in Mobile Ad hoc (MANETS) networks happens without specific infrastructure. This prototype assumes that an arbitrary node will forward traffic flow originating from other nodes readily. Contrariwise, in aggressive surroundings where we discover most uses of ad hoc systems, an always obliging and obedient behavior on behalf of the other nodes of the … Read more

SQL Injection

Abstract This paper investigates Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection from a web security stand point. SQL Injection consists of attackers injecting malicious SQL commands into an application to alter how it interacts with the database. This consists of any statement that creates, reads, updates or deletes data from a database. SQL injection is dangerous because … Read more

AI’s fundamental drives

The human brain is a complex system, or network, in which mental states emerge from the interaction between multiple physical and functional levels. What happens when you try to integrate the complexity of the human thought process into technology? The result is artificial intelligence— a popular friend or foe in science fiction media. With the … Read more

Main Characteristics And Features Of Object Oriented Programming

1.1 What is Object Oriented Programming? The following task clearly explains the descriptions of the features and characteristics of the features of the object oriented programming. There are twelve principles of oop which is stated below. The Object oriented programming is one of the newest and most powerful paradigms. The Object-Oriented Programming mentions to the … Read more


INTRODUCTION The advancement in technology leads to the reduction in size and power consumed by the devices used to perform real world operations including of which are like sensor networks, RFID Tags, controllers, smart cards and deployment of embedded system etc. The functionality of all these systems consists of storage, manipulation and transmission of some … Read more

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